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Panda Warrior Wind - Feng Yan Summoners.

The values in brackets below the actual stats represent the values that can be reached if all runes the monster currently has equipped are maxxed. Panda Warrior x5 - Feng Yan x6 Navigator: Type: Defense Obtainable from: Mystical Scroll, Mystical Summon, Temple of Wishes, Wind Scroll, Legendary Scroll, Transcendence Scroll Awakened bonus: Increases Critical Rate by 15%. 20 High 10 Mid 15 High 5 Mid Skills Leader Skill: Increases the.

Feng Yan has a very high Defense and a decent HP pool. As expected for a natural born 5 star, the stats are incredibly amazing. A base HP of 10.2k is common especially for HP type monster, but pair it up with 800 defence is insane. Most of Feng Yan I encounter are speed def def or def x 3: this is a waste and can be OS by a simple Bulldozer with no fat runes, in my opinion. EU server, late G1 Gvg. But before that, try to think about which mons your are going to play with, and then and only then, you'll find the right way to rune him.

Panda Warrior Wind - Feng Yan/Rune builds and teams < Panda Warrior Wind - Feng Yan. Edit. VisualEditor History Comments Share. Main Info. Runes/Teams. Gallery/Trivia. Summoners War Sky Arena Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. View Mobile Site. Just pulled a feng yan and saw that there are a lot of different builds for him. I'm curious what stats people have on their feng yan. I'm particularly interested in feng yan stats for RTA and GWO. I will be aiming for violent/will as that is the most common sets, but as for the hp/spd/def milestones to hit, I'm not sure what are the priorities.

Feng Yan. I've had one for a while now and been able to fully skill it and put it through the paces. So many people build him wrong aka crit damage and defense, crit damage and attack is ok I. Note: this is not straight up Feng yan vs. Camilia as Feng Yan would win. I feel like Feng Yan and Camilia are similar in a way that they are one of those tanky monster that can solo the whole enemy team. Of course there are others like that like ritesh, but I. Dark Panda Warrior Mi Ying by Admin on May 6, 2016 Overview. Grade ★★★★★ Type. Attack. Get. Far better then you guys rated him, he one on ones mo longs, and feng yengs. Summoners War Best Rune Guide. by Admin. 3 206798 24. April 19, 2019. Welcome to Summoners War ToA In-depth guide! This discussion will help you decide what teams and rune requirements needed to defeat all floors Contents I. Introduction to Trial of Ascension II. 01/04/2018 · Skip navigation Sign in. Search.

Feng Yan Rune Buildssummonerswar - reddit.

I have searched the reddit and am still not quite satisfied with the information I've been able to get about this guy. I was lucky enough to pull him from a single mystical scroll from the daily login rewards, but see conflicting information on whether or not the damage from his passive is amplified by crit damage, or if it functions like the. Panda Warrior in Summoners War is a family of monsters composed by Xiong Fei Fire, Mo Long Water, Feng Yan Wind, Tian Lang Light and Mi Ying Dark here we are going to review all of them from runes to strategies in PvP and PvE. So for about a month now Ive been using my Feng Yan for GW/Arena on Def/Cdmg/Def Blade/Shield/Will and I quite like him atm. But then I wanted to try him in Raids to see if he could be a decent frontlineas he naturally has Def and to my surprise he did quite well as a semi tank/damage dealer. 2. Feng Yan Wind Panda Warrior Feng Yan is one of the most coveted monsters in Summoners War and one of the best. Feng Yan is a Defense type monster with one attack, a self cleanse plus buff, and a passive. He’s known for his ability to solo unprepared teams in PvP as well as much of PvE content.

Wind Panda Warrior Feng Yan runes and questions I got really lucky and pulled one this morning. Did a search on reddit and some people say def / CD / def with. This is a tier list specifically for monsters used in Guild War Defense and 5 Siege Defense towers at the highest level of play i.e. upper G3. It includes all 5 in the game as well as a few notable 4. What the ranks mean: S – Top tier GWD monster. A – Very good []. Dark King Feng Yan front; Dark King Feng Yan right; Dark King Feng Yan back; Dark King Feng Yan left; Trivia Edit. Part of his name, Feng, could mean the Chinese character 风Feng, meaning wind, because his passive is called Wind and Clouds. Summoners War Sky Arena Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Site Review. Dungeons: There’s only one place in Dungeons where Xiong Fei can thrive, and that’s NB10. Both of Xiong Fei’s attacks hits at least 3 times, and his 2nd Skill’s revenge buff guarantees a 3-hit reduction in the shield every time the boss attacks!

Dark Panda Warrior Mi Ying - Summoners.

The Fire Ifrit Tesarion offers an extremely limited Oblivion effect which counters most passive-heavy monsters in the game. Feng Yan next article. Wind Dragon Jamire Fire Ifrit Tesarion. Summoners War Daily Missions and Rewards. Top Rated Monsters This Month. Try a different filter. Summoners War - Monster - Collection - Wind - Feng Yan Fire Panda Warrior Water Panda Warrior Wind Panda Warrior Light Panda Warrior Dark Panda Warrior Lv.35 Panda Warrior. Those said, Racuni and Khmun are both a must here. You´ll also need monsters that can hit hard with S1, in example Theomars, and finally you´ll need a S1 def Break, and as only a few summoners are lucky enough to have a Mo Long or a Feng Yan, our loved Belladeon is also a must have in your team. Best Summoners War bot compatible with! Get monsters stats, early/late runes and player comments about monsters. How to install: Invite the bot to your Discord server here.

05/02/2016 · Summoners War Fan Forum. Feng Yan ist eines meiner meist genutzten Monster, er ist bei mir mit Gewalt und Wächter gerunt DEF, CD, HP. Nutzen tue ich ihn vor allem im PvP. Mir ist allerdings aufgefallen, dass fast niemand, soweit ich das sehen konnte, ihn mit CD auf Spot 4 spielt.

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